Looking for the right place to call home isn't an easy task. So why do it alone? Here at Oliver Management Services we are the leaders in property management because we are first and foremost a service provider. We have one of the best Apartment Search tools for Duluth, MN and northern WI areas. We have a team of people providing consistent quality services, friendly caring environments, 24 hr emergency services, online rent payments, and more! On top of that our organization offers affordable housing, low income programs (HUD/Section 8), disabled housing, senior living, and market rate housing in Duluth and northern WI. Let us help you find the perfect WI or Duluth apartment or housing rental today! We can't wait to say Welcome Home!

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Pay Rent Online
Convenience Fees:
Transaction Type Fee
Check (eCheck/ACH) $2.95

Credit Cards:
Master Card 3%
American Express 4%
Visa $22.95 per transaction
*For all Credit Card transactions incurred by the Payer, transactions under $200.00 will have an additional $1.00 transaction fee included.*